Manufactured Models

A Triple M manufactured home is built using the same system-built technology and with the same attention to detail and quality standards as every home we build. The idea that manufactured homes are just inferior mobile homes is not true.

Our manufactured homes are unrivaled for interior decor and finishing, energy efficiency, and the wide variety of floor plans available. Triple M manufactured homes conform to—and in many cases exceed—government and manufactured home industry specifications. They are built to last, with special attention paid to homeowner comfort, and a Triple M manufactured home historically maintains the highest resale value of any manufactured home.

Quality throughout and backed by our 20-year new home warranty are two of many reasons to contact a Triple M Housing retailer and have them show you our many styles and models of manufactured homes. We’re certain you’ll find one to suit your needs.

Kitchen Special

The kitchen is the heart of the home and what a better way to celebrate this than to have an entire line dedicated to the kitchen. Upgraded appliances, unique kitchen layouts, full tile backsplash with glass tile accents, beautiful islands, and stainless steel euro range hoods are all standard in the Kitchen Special plans.


MKS2076-218-C-14 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MKS2068-100-C-13 Bed2 Bath1360 Sq Ft.
MKS2076-237-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MKS2076-250-C-33 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MKS2076-258-C-33 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MKS2076-267-C-33 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MKS2076-268-C-23 Bed2.5 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MKS2076-271-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MKS2076-272-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.


MKS2470-215-C-23 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.
MKS2470-218-C-13 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.
MKS2470-227-C-23 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.


MKS2276-236-C-34 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.
MKS2276-255-C-33 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.


Meridian has the most available floor plans and is the most popular line of manufactured homes we build. Meridian homes combine elegant design with functionality and comfort.


MRD2064-121-C-23 Bed2 Bath1280 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-161-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-217-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-238-C-15 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-259-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-260-C-13 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-261-C-23 Bed2.5 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-262-C-24 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MRD2076-307-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.


MRD2450-101-C-13 Bed1 Bath1200 Sq Ft.
MRD2464-100-C-12 Bed2 Bath1536 Sq Ft.
MRD2470-209-C-22 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.
MRD2470-212-C-23 Bed2.5 Bath1680 Sq Ft.
MRD2470-223-C-33 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.
MRD2470-229-C-23 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.


MRD2276-237-C-34 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.
MRD2276-248-C-23 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.
MRD2276-249-C-23 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.


Built with value in mind these homes are perfect for a first time buyer.


MW1660-309-C-12 Bed2 Bath960 Sq Ft.
MW1668-310-C-13 Bed2 Bath1088 Sq Ft.
MW1676-369-C-43 Bed2 Bath1216 Sq Ft.
MW1676-385-C-33 Bed2 Bath1216 Sq Ft.
MW1676-394-C-13 Bed2 Bath1216 Sq Ft.


MW2060-117-C-23 Bed2 Bath1200 Sq Ft.
MW2064-133-C-43 Bed2 Bath1280 Sq Ft.
MW2064-136-C-32 Bed2 Bath1280 Sq Ft.
MW2076-282-C-14 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MW2076-231-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MW2076-257-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MW2076-273-C-33 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MW2076-280-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MW2076-281-C-23 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MW2076-229-C-13 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.


MW2276-258-C-23 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.
MW2276-262-C-23 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.
MW2276-266-C-23 Bed2 Bath1672 Sq Ft.

Meridian Specialty Plans

Meridian Specialty Plans expand the Meridian line to include multi-section, offset, and duplex plans. These plans offer more varaitions to better suit more applications.


MDBL2846-102-C-13 Bed2 Bath1288 Sq Ft.
MDBL2858-101-C-13 Bed2 Bath1624 Sq Ft.
MDBL2860-101-C-14 Bed2 Bath1680 Sq Ft.
MDBL2864-102-C-14 Bed2 Bath1792 Sq Ft.
MDBL2868-101-C-14 Bed2.5 Bath1904 Sq Ft.
MDBL2876-100-C-14 Bed2 Bath2128 Sq Ft.
MDBL2876-101-C-14 Bed2 Bath2128 Sq Ft.

Duplex (Singles)

MDUP1676-100-C-12 Bed2 Bath1216 Sq Ft.
MDUP2076-100-C-14 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MDUP2076-101-C-12 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.

Country Pointe

MCP2270-100-C-13 Bed2.5 Bath1496 Sq Ft.
MCP2270-101-C-13 Bed2 Bath1496 Sq Ft.
MCP2470-101-C-13 Bed2 Bath1632 Sq Ft.
MCP2076-115-C-13 Bed2 Bath1480 Sq Ft.
MCP2076-116-C-13 Bed2 Bath1496 Sq Ft.


OST1467-209-C-12 Bed2 Bath896 Sq Ft.
OST1676-211-C-13 Bed2 Bath1200 Sq Ft.
OST1676-212-C-13 Bed2 Bath1200 Sq Ft.
OST1676-213-C-12 Bed2 Bath1192 Sq Ft.
OST1676-214-C-13 Bed2 Bath1200 Sq Ft.
OST2076-113-C-13 Bed2 Bath1500 Sq Ft.

Cottage Life

Relax at your home away from home. Beautiful cottages with all the comfort and modern conveniences of a new home

MR1650-100-C-11 Bed1 Bath800 Sq Ft.
MR1652-100-C-11 Bed1 Bath832 Sq Ft.
MR1654-100-C-12 Bed1 Bath864 Sq Ft.
MR2048-100-C-13 Bed1 Bath960 Sq Ft.
MR2048-101-C-12 Bed1 Bath960 Sq Ft.
MR2240-100-C-12 Bed1 Bath880 Sq Ft.
MR2440-100-C-12 Bed1 Bath960 Sq Ft.

Worksite Offices

Perfect for sales offices, construction offices, retail centers and much more.

MOF1650-100-C-13 Bed1 Bath800 Sq Ft.
MOF2048-100-C-13 Bed1 Bath960 Sq Ft.
MOF2052-100-C-14 Bed1 Bath1040 Sq Ft.
MOF2064-100-C-15 Bed1 Bath1280 Sq Ft.
MOF2070-100-C-17 Bed1 Bath1400 Sq Ft.

Workforce Housing

Accommodations for your workforce with all the comforts of home. We offer different floor plans to choose from to suit your needs.

MPA1630-100-C-12 Bed2 Bath480 Sq Ft.
MPA2076-311-C-14 Bed4 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MPA2076-101-C-16 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
MPA2076-102-C-14 Bed2 Bath1520 Sq Ft.
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