Our Building Environment

We are a factory home builder. Our system-built homes are assembled under controlled conditions, where we can achieve unparalleled standards in materials and construction. We guarantee a finished product that will compete in quality against any site-built home. Weather, vandalism, scheduling, and sub trades have no impact on our ability to build your home on time and on budget.

Every home is built indoors, and important details, such as the use of screws and glue on wallboards, ensure that our homes are more energy efficient than most site-built homes. We offer customization prior to construction, as well as a huge variety of interior and exterior decor choices. Our step-by-step inspection system guarantees that we exceed the most demanding of customer expectations.

Material Recycling

An important advantage to building a home or commercial structure in a factory is how it benefits the environment. By building indoors, we can maximize the use of every material: there is less spoilage, therefore, less material is thrown away. Our building process allows for efficient collection of waste material for recycling. Visit a home construction site, and see how much waste is strewn across the area and never collected for recycling. Our building process is a greener and more energy efficient process.